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A proper assessment of the tax implications is a must in all business transactions. Doing this in a pro-active manner can ensure the existence of an optimal approach and the mitigation of tax risks. Reviewing the tax implications post-factum can still limit the potential tax costs.

In a fast-changing tax environment, choosing the right advisor is key in addressing the tax challenges businesses are facing. Whether you envisage restructuring your business, setting up a new one or need a tax health check, our team has the right expertise to assist you.

We have assisted clients in various industries (i.e. financial services, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, etc.) in complex matters, as well as in day-to-day operations, such as:

  • Analysis of tax implications for specific or complex transactions;
  • Tax analysis of restructuring projects;
  • Tax reviews;
  • Tax compliance, etc.

We know the impact taxes have on your business, in terms of resources involved, costs and time. Therefore, we make your requests our priority. We make sure that you receive quality integrated advice aimed at helping you making business decisions.

Our team of experts can address requests on different areas of taxation, such as: Corporate income tax;

  • Corporate income tax;
  • Withholding tax;
  • Personal income tax and social contributions;
  • VAT;
  • Excise duties;
  • Local taxes.

Tax trainings

Being up to date with all the changes of the Romanian tax legislation is a challenge.

Our team has extensive experience in providing tax trainings customized on each client’s needs and adapted to industry specifics matters. We are flexible on the trainings set-up and the specific tax topics which are of interest for our clients.

Whether you look for trainings on specific tax matters (VAT, transfer pricing, etc.) or more general ones, our team has the right combination of experience and skills to provide you with the best training experience.

Binding tax rulings

When the legislative provisions leave room for interpretation, the tax treatment applied by taxpayers can be easily challenged by the tax authorities. Binding rulings can be a solution to mitigate such risk, especially for transactions of significant value.

Under a specific procedure and subject to a fee, taxpayers may request the tax authorities to issue a ruling on the tax treatment for a future transaction. Once obtained, the tax treatment cannot be challenged, if the conditions in the binding ruling are preserved.

Our team has successfully assisted various clients in obtaining binding rulings from the Romanian tax authorities.

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